Cold? He asks from a train seat
To idiot across, who says very.

In makeshift bed they would lie
And touch a death to feel softly

And the year would mingle salt
And difficulty of death with life.

We may mingle salt and sugar,
Morning tea on makeshift bed.

We are idiots inching to a love.
Cold? He asks and we say very.

(Remembering Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot)


Waiting in pocket

As we fumble in pant’s pockets
Note may be in pant’s pockets.

The note is our memento mori
And pant pockets are too full.

Pockets are full with fumbling.
Fumbling is waiting in pocket.

(Remembering Samuel Becket’s Waiting For Godot)

Sun flower

To friend, the painter cuts off
His ear of a pretty sunflower

When his plane goes bipolar.
His sun flower needs a head.

We too have our sunflowers.
They turn their heads all day.

(The cut-off ear is of Van Gogh the famous painter of Sunflower and the friend was Van Gogh’s close painter friend Paul Gauguin)